What we do

Entrepreneurship and business development of design driven innovation in the Known tech / High Concept quadrant.

High Tech High Concept Known Tech / High Concept
*) = Protectable conceptual level that can be materialized using existing and established technologies = relatively low risk, limited primary research and relatively short time to market.

Our business model

We sell or licence IP- rights of position reclaiming products to mature and well established industries

Established and mature industries Design innovation Business creativity
We also love:
Untrendy industries
Low innovation segments
Slow and stagnated businesses
Has beens
The magic happens here

Our Values

Sustainability Produce-ability Ability to excite Usability / Functionality

Who we are

CEO, Fredrik Magnusson, former global head of design at Ericsson.

Chairman, Per Axman, finance- and entrepreneurship executive.

Roder is owned by the founders and two insurance companies.


Roderinno AB Augustendalsvägen 74 SE-131 52 Nacka Strand Sweden